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  1. Projet ECOFAUNE+, Ecosystèmes Faunistiques du nord-est RCA/Tchad et du sud- est de la RCA - 12/06/2019

    Le projet ECOFAUNE+ se décline en 3 volets et sera mis en œuvre dans les 2 zones identifiées ... gestion du territoire participative (volet 1) et un accompagnement social les populations (volet 3). En ...

    ECOFAUNE+, biodiversité, RCA, faune

  2. Annual Action Programme Uganda 2018- Commission Decision - 07/06/2019

    Commission Decision on the individual measure in favour of Uganda to be financed from the 11th European Development Fund
  3. Social Support for Resilience Programme- SoSuRe - 17/05/2019

    Through SoSuRe (Social Support for Resilience), the EU is engaged in reducing poverty and enhancing resilience among the most vulnerable households in Malawi. SoSuRe provides funding for social cash transfers targeting ultrapoor households with very limit ...

    Social Support for Resilience Programme, SoSuRe, Cash transfer

  4. Child friendly and gender sensitive ecological and sustainable school sanitation systems in urban and peri-urban areas in Lesotho - 06/05/2019

    The Overall Objective of the Action targets the specific objective of the Call for Proposals ‘to increase sanitation coverage through basic sanitation infrastructure and hygiene promotion projects, focusing on the most vulnerable and needy in poor peri-ur ...

    school sanitation systems, basic sanitation, hygiene, participatory methods

  5. Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability (PISA) - 06/05/2019

    In Lesotho the structures for governance of public institutions exist but they do not have the capacity and environment to exercise their functions fully. Citizens, especially in rural areas, find it difficult to know what their rights are and where to vo ...

    Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability, PISA

  6. The EU-funded PESCAO programme helps to fight illegal fishing in the Gulf of Guinea - 26/04/2019

    Since 2018, the EU supports the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission in organising join campaigns at sea to control fishing vessels and fight illegal fishing.

    PESCAO, IUU Fishing

  7. Improved Regional Fisheries Governance in Western Africa (PESCAO) - 25/03/2019

    The EU funded programme for improved regional fisheries governance in Western Africa (PESCAO) aims at enhancing the contribution of fisheries resources to sustainable development, food security and poverty alleviation in West Africa. This programme has 3 ...

    PESCAO, IUU Fishing, West Africa

  8. An upgraded road in northern Mozambique is more than just a road- The Milange-Mocuba Road diaries - 11/03/2019

    The 190 km stretch of very poor road between Mocuba and Milange (border with Malawi) seriously hampered trade in the region as well as trading from Malawi to Mocuba and further.

    tackling poverty in rural Mozambique