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  1. Civil society engagement towards fostering rule of law and accountability in Lesotho - 06/05/2019

    Context: Promotion of rule of law and State accountability Objectives: The project aimed to foster greater accountability of public institutions and leaders to citizens in line with the Constitution of Lesotho. Results:  Empowered civil society that holds ...

    rule of law, empowering civil society

  2. Real Talk Real Action: Preventing and eliminating early marriages, discrimination on inheritance and violence against LGBTI persons as a strategy to attain gender equality in Lesotho - 06/05/2019

    Objectives: The project aimed to contribute to attain gender equality, prevent and eliminate early marriages, discrimination on inheritance of a girl child and violence against LGBTI Persons. Results:  At least 30% of community members will be informed an ...

    Real Talk Real Action, LGBTI rights

  3. Advocacy for the establishment and governance of a fully-fledged Human Rights Commission - 06/05/2019

    Objectives: The project raised awareness, mobilized support and lobbied the Government of Lesotho to establish the Human Rights Commission which would be an independent, autonomous and Paris Principles compliant body. Results: Establishment of a fully fun ...

    human rights commission, Transformation Resource Centre, TRC

  4. Countering child marriage and FGM in Mara and Geita Region, Tanzania - 13/11/2018

    The project, which builds on the EC funded programme ‘Preventing child marriage (CM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in high risk communities in Tanzania to support girls to realise their rights’ that was implemented by Plan International Tanzania fro ...

    child marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

  5. My school, my community, my life: protected and free of violence - 22/10/2018

    This project aims to prevent violence against school girls and women in the community. It aims to promote their rights and social protection through by strengthening the role of public schools and educational communities of five vulnerable areas as guaran ...

    education, gender, Paraguay

  6. Strengthening political rights and leadership of Paraguayan women - 22/10/2018

    This project's objective is to strengthen gender equality and the political empowerment of women within the framework of the electoral and post-electoral processes of the General and Departmental Elections of 2018 in Paraguay. Its specific objective ...

    women rights, Paraguay

  7. Commission Implementing Decision on the Multi-Annual Action Programme 2018-2020 for the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) - 19/10/2018

  8. Informal consultations with Civil Society Organisations on EIDHR Calls for Proposals - 04/06/2018

    In the framework of the EIDHR Calls for Proposals that are planned in 2018, the European Commission organised two informal sessions, which took place on Thursday May 24 in Brussels. The sessions were attended by over 30 civil society organisations with th ...

  9. Enough is Enough, Stop Gender Based Violence - 07/05/2018

    This project aims to educate and raise awareness on gender equality to reduce incidences of gender based violence.

    #4womensrights, Gender Based Violence (GBV), Democracy and Human Rights, #SpotlightEndViolence