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  1. EU steps up support to displaced and crisis-affected communities in Yemen - 27/11/2018

    The European Union has adopted a €30 million programme in support of vulnerable communities suffering the effects of prolonged displacement in Yemen. This brings the total EU development assistance to Yemen in 2018 to €71 million. This longer-term support ...

  2. Dismantling the criminal networks operating in North Africa and involved in migrant smuggling and human trafficking (T05-EUTF-NOA-REG-05) - 04/12/2017

    Building on the priorities set by the European Commission in the joint Communication "Migration on the Central Mediterranean Route: Managing flows, saving lives" released on 25 January 2017, this programme aims to contribute to reducing enablers of – and mitigating vulnerabilities arising from – irregular migration in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia by focusing on the dismantling of...
  3. Facility for Migrant Protection and Reintegration in North Africa (T05-EUTF-NOA-REG-04) - 04/12/2017

    The overall objective of this programme is to contribute to the strengthening of migrant protection and sustainable reintegration systems in North Africa. This programme will be implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
  4. Cooperation Sud-Sud en matière de migration- Action Document May 2017 EUTF North of Africa Window - 30/11/2017

    This first cross-regional programme under the North of Africa window of the EU Trust Fund for Africa aims at strengthening South-South cooperation on migration. Reflecting the strong willingness of Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali to cooperation, it will support the implementation of existing agreements and enhance cooperation on policies, diaspora mobilisation practices, return and...
  5. Livelihoods and Community: Sustainable solutions for the forgotten Rohingyas and host communities in Mae Sot (Thailand) - 17/07/2017

    To develop economic opportunities for Myanmar Muslims, including Rohingyas, and Thai host communities in Mae Sot, and strengthen the understanding and cooperation between them.

    Rohingyas, refugees, basic services, improving livelihoods

  6. Livelihoods and Community: Sustainable Solutions for the Forgotten Rohingyas and Host Communities in Mae Sot - 12/07/2017

    Overall Objectives: To promote livelihood opportunities and the socio-economic self-reliance of Rohingyas, other marginalised Myanmar Muslims and vulnerable Thais in communities in Mae Sot, Tak province; To strengthen and facilitate the relationships, und ...

    Rohingyas, refugees, social inclusion, civil society

  7. Strengthening capacities and developing sustainable livelihood opportunities for the Myanmar refugees largely encamped along the Thai-Myanmar border in preparation for eventual repatriation - 11/07/2017

    Overall objective: To contribute to a long-term solution to the challenges encountered by the Myanmar refugees living in the 9 camps along the Thai-Myanmar border. Specific objectives: To favour an efficient, transparent and quality aid, in a Rights-based ...

    Skills and vocantional trainings, refugee camps, self-reliance, basic services

  8. Promoting stability, well-being and harmony for Myanmar Muslim and host communities in Thailand - 11/07/2017

    The overall objective is to promote increased stability, well-being and harmony for marginalised Myanmar Muslims (including Rohingya) in host communities in the Provinces of Tak (Mae Sot), Ranong and Phang Nga through improved living conditions, access to ...

    Rohingyas, refugees, social inclusion, civil society

  9. Support programme for refugee settlements in the Northern Uganda (SPRS-NU) - 06/07/2017

    Since the beginning of the SPRS-NU programmes throughout the second half of 2016, the refugee situation in the Northern Uganda has taken a dramatic turn. South Sudan crisis is now the largest refugee situation on the continent and Uganda is experiencing the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.

    EUTF, refugees, SPRS-NU, European Union Trust Fund for Africa

  10. Support Programme for Refugee Settlements in the Northern Uganda (SPRS-NU) - 06/07/2017

    Since the beginning of the SPRS-NU programmes throughout the second half of 2016, the refugee situation in the Northern Uganda has taken a dramatic turn. With the renewed fighting in South Sudan and the continuous influx of south Sudanese refugees, Uganda ...

    EUTF Africa, European Union Emergency Trust Fund, refugee settlements, SPRS-NU