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  1. Bringing justice closer to women suffering from Gender Based Violence - 02/12/2017

    The project enables the delivery of legal aid services to vulnerable women in Xaythany district, increases awareness on Gender Based Violence and trains community paralegals and village authorities.

    access to justice, gender base violence, empowering women

  2. Returning PATH: Promoting Access To Human rights for vulnerable woman and men - 05/07/2017

    Project aims at protection and promotion of social, economic and cultural rights of vulnerable groups of both genders. Specific objective is ti enhance the delivery of effective and qualitative social services to vulnerable groups of population through es ...

    HIV/AIDS, human rights, prisoners, social support

  3. Respect, protect and guarantee- Rio 2016: Children's and Youth Rights Olympics - 05/04/2017

    The project aims to contribute to the protection of the rights of children and adolescents suffering from socioeconomic vulnerability, with special attention to adolescents of black origin, living in the poorest areas of the municipalities involved. At th ...

    Children and youth rights, abolition of violence against children and youth, sexual exploitation

  4. Bridges to the future: employment solutions for young people at risk - 04/04/2017

    The project aims to improve socioeconomic integration of the youth suffering from vulnerability situation in the Metropolitan region of Salvador, ensuring decent work with formal employment or through profitable businesses, by providing market-oriented te ...

    jovens, emprego, capacidades, vulnerabilidade social

  5. Prevention of Drug Use and promotion of access to Social and Health Services in the periphery of Fortaleza, Brazil - 26/09/2016

    This action aims at potentializing an existing network to protect the rights of children and adolescents in communities exposed to illegal drugs. The initiative provides support and information to children, adolescents and families in order to prevent and ...

    serviços sociais, combate ao uso de dorgas, Brasil, Direitos Humanos

  6. Diffusing civil society practices to address the most pressing needs of target communities - 29/07/2015

    The overall objective is to diffuse civil society practice in selected target villages of Kyaing Tong district to contribute towards poverty alleviation. The specific objective is to build institutional capacity of at least one network and 12 village base ...

    civil society, capacity building, Poverty Reduction

  7. Empowering children in difficult circumstances (ECDC) project - 13/02/2015

    The Overall objective is to strengthen policies, practices and approaches to ensure social welfare services prevent and protect 12 650 children across Guyana from sexual violence by Dec 2015. Specific objectives: To reduce the trauma and anxiety experienc ...

    Development education and awareness raising, Children and youth, social protection, Guyana