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  1. Greater protection and self-employment to reinforce women's rights - 22/02/2018

      This project will promote job-creation and the socio-economic empowerment  of rural women in line with the 'Action Strategy for further development of Uzbekistan' which was adopted in 2017. It will therefore strengthen women's role on the ...

    Uzbekistan, empowering women, social support, European Instrument for Democracy & Human Rights (EIDHR)

  2. Empowerment of Non State Actors in Botswana - 27/07/2017

    The empowerment of Non State Actors programme intends to enhance the role of Non State Actors in the development process of Botswana and enable NSA to contribute more effectively to the achievement of national development goals. The key objectives of the ...

    Botswana, civil society, NSA

  3. Returning PATH: Promoting Access To Human rights for vulnerable woman and men - 05/07/2017

    Project aims at protection and promotion of social, economic and cultural rights of vulnerable groups of both genders. Specific objective is ti enhance the delivery of effective and qualitative social services to vulnerable groups of population through es ...

    HIV/AIDS, human rights, prisoners, social support

  4. Enhancing the capacity of non state actors to improve the well-being of disadvantaged groups in Thanh Hoa Province - 30/06/2017

    The overall objective of the action is to enhance the capacity of non state actors (NSA) to improve the well-being of disadvantaged groups in Thanh Hoa Province. The specific objective of this action is to establish and strengthen the capacity of 80 civil ...

    Vietnam, women empowerment, civil society, social inclusion and social protection

  5. Urucum- Strengthening political-organisational autonomy of indigenous peoples - 04/05/2017

    Through the project, the institution proposes to publicly highlight, acknowledge and debate violations of the rights of indigenous peoples in the State of Ceará and to improve access to the territorial rights and other specific social rights of these peop ...

    povos indígenas, terras indígenas, demarcação de terras, direitos indígenas

  6. Land of rights: support to the defense and protection of political and civil rights of quilombo remaining communities in the Recôncavo Baiano - 03/05/2017

    The general objective of the project is to contribute to the fulfillment of the political and civil rights of the remaining quilombo communities in the Recôncavo Baiano territory, providing means of action and capacities to improve its incidence and influ ...

    local communities, political and civil rights, quilombo comunities, Quilombolas

  7. ANA- Youth National Alliance for LGBTI Sexual Rights - 02/05/2017

    The objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of organizations affiliated with the ECPAT Brazil Network to advocate for the sexual rights of LGBTI children and adolescents. The proposal includes the creation of political advocacy strategies a ...

    LGBTI, youth, sexual rights, sexual orientation

  8. Respect, protect and guarantee- Rio 2016: Children's and Youth Rights Olympics - 05/04/2017

    The project aims to contribute to the protection of the rights of children and adolescents suffering from socioeconomic vulnerability, with special attention to adolescents of black origin, living in the poorest areas of the municipalities involved. At th ...

    Children and youth rights, abolition of violence against children and youth, sexual exploitation

  9. Bridges to the future: employment solutions for young people at risk - 04/04/2017

    The project aims to improve socioeconomic integration of the youth suffering from vulnerability situation in the Metropolitan region of Salvador, ensuring decent work with formal employment or through profitable businesses, by providing market-oriented te ...

    jovens, emprego, capacidades, vulnerabilidade social

  10. Strengthening Social Protection, Resilience and Inclusive Development for Marginalized People through Citizens and Civil Society Engagement - 18/01/2017

    The specific objective is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations representing children, youth, women, people with disabilities and other marginalized groups to constructively engage in inclusive social protection policymaking, effective ...

    Civil society organisation support, resilience and inclusive development, marginalized people