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  1. Civil society engagement towards fostering rule of law and accountability in Lesotho - 06/05/2019

    Context: Promotion of rule of law and State accountability Objectives: The project aimed to foster greater accountability of public institutions and leaders to citizens in line with the Constitution of Lesotho. Results:  Empowered civil society that holds ...

    rule of law, empowering civil society

  2. Advocacy for the establishment and governance of a fully-fledged Human Rights Commission - 06/05/2019

    Objectives: The project raised awareness, mobilized support and lobbied the Government of Lesotho to establish the Human Rights Commission which would be an independent, autonomous and Paris Principles compliant body. Results: Establishment of a fully fun ...

    human rights commission, Transformation Resource Centre, TRC

  3. Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability (PISA) - 06/05/2019

    In Lesotho the structures for governance of public institutions exist but they do not have the capacity and environment to exercise their functions fully. Citizens, especially in rural areas, find it difficult to know what their rights are and where to vo ...

    Participatory Initiative for Social Accountability, PISA

  4. The EU-funded PESCAO programme helps to fight illegal fishing in the Gulf of Guinea - 26/04/2019

    Since 2018, the EU supports the Sub Regional Fisheries Commission in organising join campaigns at sea to control fishing vessels and fight illegal fishing.

    PESCAO, IUU Fishing

  5. Improved Regional Fisheries Governance in Western Africa (PESCAO) - 25/03/2019

    The EU funded programme for improved regional fisheries governance in Western Africa (PESCAO) aims at enhancing the contribution of fisheries resources to sustainable development, food security and poverty alleviation in West Africa. This programme has 3 ...

    PESCAO, IUU Fishing, West Africa

  6. Commission Implementing Decision on the financing of the annual action programme in favour of Sri Lanka for 2018 - 19/11/2018

    The objective pursued by the programme is: the process of decentralisation in the targeted province and the dialogue between people and the state is strenthened contributing to the resolution of critical underlying causes of conflict and prevention of escalation of local disputes.
  7. Commission Implementing Decision on the financing of the annual action programme in favour of Central Asia for 2018 part 2 and in favour of the Asia region for 2018 part 4 - 19/11/2018

    The objectives pursued by the programme are to contribute to sustainable regional development by promoting economic growth and diversification through support to private sector development and decent job creaction, increased investment opportunities for ecinomic activities and support to the improvement of an enabling business and investment environment, as well as by promoting an integrated...
  8. Somalia: major step in EU support to state-building - 15/10/2018

    The EU and Somalia signed on 14 October an agreement to provide €100 million to the Somali budget over the next two and a half years. These funds will support the Federal Government's reforms to build a unified, federal state. Somalia is on a positiv ...

  9. Commission Implementing Decision on the special measure part 2 in favour of Iraq for "demining" and "local development" for 2018 - 15/10/2018

    The objectives pursued by this special measure is to improve the safety of the population that remained in or is returning to areas liberated from Da'esh and to restore the legitimacy of the country's institutions and renew the social contract between citizens and state in a context of fractured and sectarian governance.