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  1. CrossRoads: A Soap Opera for Social Change - 10/07/2017

    CrossRoads was aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue and demonstrating alternative ways of dealing with conflicts, leading to more social cohesion and sustainable peace through the production of a drama series (soap opera). The television series was complemented by inter-ethnic dialogue sessions with the Acholi, Karamojong, Lango and Teso communities. It also included capacity building of...

    Yat Madit, Crossroads, Intercultural dialogues, conflict prevention

  2. Justice for All: Enhancing Accessibility, Fighting Impunity - 20/01/2017

    Provision of technical assistance Sector:  Legal and judicial development Domain:  Asia & Central Asia Benefitting zone:  Philippines Nature:  Services ...

    Justice for All, access to justice, fighting impunity

  3. Progressive abolition of violence against children in detention in Central Asia - 16/01/2017

    The overall objective of the proposed project is to contribute to a substantial reduction in incidents of violence against children in all closed institutions in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The Specific objectives are: The elimination of use of ...

    children in detention, abolition of violence against children

  4. Promoting Human Rights and Good Governance in Afghanistan - 19/12/2016

    This project aims at encouraging a culture of constructive debate and critical thinking in Afghanistan by developing a local media sector that values in-depth reporting, with a focus on women’s rights, underscoring ongoing efforts to advance human rights, ...

    women rights, human rights, Media