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  1. EU support to land governance for improving food security, poverty reduction and inclusive development - 16/04/2018

    The EU contributes to the process of designing land laws and carrying out policy reform. The EU also supports land administrations and sponsors CSOs in their advocacy work to promote equal land rights.

    land rights, land investments, VGGT, Women

  2. Strengthened capacity for improved governance of land tenure and natural resources in the Central Highlands of Angola - 14/07/2017

    The project is to empower national, provincial and municipality level government and local Non State Actors and communities to facilitate the recognition of tenure rights. It is expected that this will prevent conflicts due to existing weak land tenure an ...

    Land Governance, rural communities, Angola

  3. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Malawi (2003-2010) - 01/11/2011

    Evaluation of the EC's cooperation with Malawi - This evaluation covered the Commission's co-operation strategies and their implementation, including a mix of all activities and modalities during the period 2003-2010 (i.e. the implementation of the EDF8 and 9 and the programming of the EDF10). Ref. 1297.
  4. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with El Salvador (1998-2008) - 01/03/2010

    Evaluation of the Commission's support to El Salvador - The ToRs state that the evaluation should cover the EC co-operation strategies with El Salvador and their implementation during the period 1998-2008. Ref. 1274.