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  1. Sectors - 05/03/2014

    The Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO) is responsible for designing European development policy and delivering aid throughout the world. DEVCO delivers aid through a set of financial instruments with a focus on ensur ...


  2. Inclusion of Libya in relevant regional programmes of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership under the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument- decision - 01/01/2012

    The decision approves that Libya is added to the list of countries for participation in activities adopted under the Commission Decisions C(2010)4400, C(2010)7989, C(2010)5136, C(2009)5215, C(2009)8763, C(2009)9947; C(2008)1888 and C(2007)5134 and Commission Implementing Decisions C(2011)5547 and C(2011)5381.