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  1. EU support to land governance for improving food security, poverty reduction and inclusive development - 16/04/2018

    The EU contributes to the process of designing land laws and carrying out policy reform. The EU also supports land administrations and sponsors CSOs in their advocacy work to promote equal land rights.

    land rights, land investments, VGGT, Women

  2. Enough is Enough, Stop Gender Based Violence - 27/03/2018

    This project aims at educating and raising awareness on gender equality to reduce incidences of gender based violence. Botswana subscribed to the Millennium Development Goals, which for this particular context include the Promotion of Gender Equality and ...

    European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), Gender Based Violence (GBV), #4womensrights, abused women

  3. Access to justice for women and girls and reducing Female Genital Mutilation - 29/06/2017

    Strengthening civil society’s capacity to advocate access to justice for women and girls and reduce Female Genital Mutilation. Sector:  Women's equality organisations and institutions Domain:  NEW Democracy and Human Rights Benefitting zone:  Liberia ...

    women and girls, access to justice, female genital mutilation, civil society

  4. Raising Voices of Young Women & Girls - 12/06/2017

    /europeaid/file/risejpg_enrise.jpg                     Project Description Empowered young women and girls continue to actively participate in governance, social development, sustainable and inclusive  growth to achieve gender equality. More than 50% of y ...

    South Africa, women and girls, youth, Democracy and Governance

  5. Campagne de mobilisation citoyenne des populations pour une participation massive et responsable aux élections et aux institutions dans le grand Kasai - 01/02/2017

    demeurée  longtemps théorique, de façade et vidée de toute sa substance. En effet, si les premières ... d’information crédible et l’insuffisance de sensibilisation de la population en général, des femmes et jeunes en ... électoral. Ce projet vise spécifiquement à assurer une mobilisation générale de la population congolaise en ...

    Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC); Democracy and Human rights; Elections

  6. Implementation of EU EOM Senegal for the Presidential Election in February 2012 - 20/10/2015

    On 16 December the selection committee suggested to the contracting authority that the contract for the implementation of the EU Election Observation Mission in Senegal be awarded to GIZ. Benefitting zone:  All Countries ...

    presidential election, Senegal, electoral mission, democratic institution

  7. Promoting human rights and good governance in Swaziland - 06/05/2015

    Promoting human rights and good governance in Swaziland. Sector:  Human rights Domain:  NEW Democracy and Human Rights Benefitting zone:  Swaziland Nature:  Action Grants ...

    Swaziland, human rights, good governance

  8. Eliminating Violence Against women in South Sudan through Women’s Empowerment, Access to Legal rights and Legal Literacy - 06/05/2015

    The action aims to enhance the capacity of local civil society actors to defend and advocate for women’s rights and to positively influence the situation and role of women in a societal context in South Sudan to enable long-term sustainable chang ...

    South Sudan, violence against women, women’s empowerment

  9. Building a New Somalia: Free Press, Free Speech and Information Access - 06/05/2015

    The overall objective of proposed action is to improve the right to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression in Somalia, thus enhancing respect for human rights and encouraging advocacy for the benefit of the community at large. The specific objective ...

    Somalia, Access to Information, political freedoms

  10. Supporting women's participation in elections in northern region - 12/02/2015

    To strengthen and enhance women's participation and representation at the local and national level governance in the northern region of Ghana. Sector:  Elections Domain:  NEW Democracy and Human Rights Benefitting zone:  Ghana Nature:  Action Grants ...

    governance, Democracy and Human Rights, Women's Rights, Ghana