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  1. Shedding light on invisible workers in east Africa and the DRC - 13/12/2018

    A regional project in five African countries, co funded by the EU and jointly implemented by 14 government and civil society organisations, interviewed 22 000 domestic workers and their employers. Through advocacy campaigns, governments agreed to legalize ...

  2. WORK PROGRAMME FOR GRANTS of EU Delegation to Kenya - 01/01/2013

    Empower non-state actors to address regional and social disparities in mother and child health, nutrition and family planning - Civil society involvement in the choice and implementation of projects of local economic development
  3. Annual Work Programme for Grants of EU Delegation Kenya European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights, Country-based Support Scheme (CBSS) - 01/01/2011

    EIDHR, The priorities are to enhance the political representation and participation, including the empowerment of women and other underrepresented groups, and responsiveness and accountability, by means of initiatives by civil society in the political dialogue. This could be relevant for a sound preparation of the General Elections foreseen in late 2012 and to minimize the risk of violence that...