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  1. EU support to land governance for improving food security, poverty reduction and inclusive development - 16/04/2018

    The EU contributes to the process of designing land laws and carrying out policy reform. The EU also supports land administrations and sponsors CSOs in their advocacy work to promote equal land rights.

    land rights, land investments, VGGT, Women

  2. Enough is Enough, Stop Gender Based Violence - 27/03/2018

    This project aims at educating and raising awareness on gender equality to reduce incidences of gender based violence. Botswana subscribed to the Millennium Development Goals, which for this particular context include the Promotion of Gender Equality and ...

    European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), Gender Based Violence (GBV), #4womensrights, abused women

  3. Ke Boikarabelo Jwa Rona: Its our responsibility - 27/03/2018

    Children and youth in Botswana face the risk of a particularly insidious and destructive type of human rights violation, child sexual abuse (CSA), due to their unique socio-economic, cultural, traditional and developmental circumstances, and their physica ...

    Child sexual abuse, child protection, access to services, European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)

  4. Gaining by traction- activating Botswana to accountable in protecting the rights of children from sexual abuse and exploitation - 24/07/2017

    Stepping Stones International (SSI) has been working in collaboration with credible networks throughout Botswana, promoting the protection of children’s rights and conducting advocacy work to prevent child abuse since 2006. In March 2012, SSI won the Runn ...

    child empowerment, Botswana, EIDHR projects, Steppingstones International

  5. Regional political cooperation with Southern African Development Community (SADC) - 21/07/2017

    The overall objective of the programme is to contribute to peace and security in Southern Africa by supporting the SADC Secretariat to implement its programmes in the areas of: Development of democratic institutions and practices. Prevent, contain and res ...

    peace and security, SADC, regional integration, conflict prevention

  6. Securing recognition of minorities and their rights in Botswana - 17/03/2017

    The proposed project seeks to increase and deepen the engagement of Civil Society Organisations active in human rights in Botswana, particularly minority rights, with the overall objective of reducing discrimination against and lack of recognition of memb ...

    ethnic minorities, social inclusion & social protection

  7. Promotion and the protection of human rights of rural communities and most at risk populations in Botswana - 01/09/2015

    To increase and deepen civil society organisations’ engagement in HR and democracy in Botswana and to channel that into concrete action. Five designated rural communities benefit from an enabling environment where the rights of all its people inc ...

    Botswana, human rights

  8. Gaining by traction- activating Botswana to be accountable in protecting the rights of children from sexual abuse and exploitation - 05/02/2015

    To promote protection and access to justice for youth vulnerable to sexual abuse and exploitation by improving the compliance with international legal conventions to which Botswana is a state party. Sector:  Human rights Domain:  EIDHR Benefitting zone:  ...

    Justice for All, Children's Rights, sexual exploitation, Botswana

  9. Annual Action Programme 2011 for Botswana- action fiche - 01/01/2011

    The document analyses the country's context and describes the operation, the strategy and the expected results of the European contribution to Botswana.
  10. Annual Action Programme 2011 for Botswana- decision - 01/01/2011

    The Commission decision approves the 2011 AAP for Botswana. The Programme supports the non state actors in the country. The maximum contribution from the EU is set at 8 million EUR.