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  1. EU support to land governance for improving food security, poverty reduction and inclusive development - 16/04/2018

    The EU contributes to the process of designing land laws and carrying out policy reform. The EU also supports land administrations and sponsors CSOs in their advocacy work to promote equal land rights.

    land rights, land investments, VGGT, Women

  2. Fortaleciendo a las Defensoras de Derechos Ambientales en el Chaco Americano (Argentina, Bolivia y Paraguay) - 04/02/2015

    Gender and Environmental Rights in the ''Great Chaco'' region in South America Sector:  Human rights Domain:  NEW Democracy and Human Rights Benefitting zone:  Argentina Nature:  Action Grants ...

    EIDHR, gender, Environmemt, Argentina

  3. Mid-Term Review & National Indicative Programme Argentina 2011 – 2013 - 01/01/2013

    The EU cooperation envisaged for the period 2007-2013 rests on two pillars: 1) supporting Argentina’s social and economic recovery with an eye to social cohesion and 2) building the capacity of players in the public and academic sectors to contribute to improved governance, social cohesion and sustainable development.
  4. Country Strategy Paper Argentina 2007-2013 - 23/04/2007

    The present Country Strategy Paper provides a strategic framework in which EC financial co-operation will be provided to Argentina in the period 2007-2013.