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  1. Country Strategy Paper Vietnam 2007-2013 - 01/01/2013

    The EC’s response strategy therefore aims at strengthening the government’s own systems so that resources can be channeled through them to enhance growth and promote poverty eduction and the achievement of the MDGs and the Vietnam Development Goals.
  2. Mid-Term Review Vietnam - 01/01/2013

    Specific objectives will be to strengthen social inclusion, address environmental and climate change challenges, better integrate Vietnam into the world economy and improve governance and the situation of human rights, with a particular emphasis on poverty reduction and attaining MDGs/VDGs.
  3. Commission Implementing Decision C(2011)7889 of 15.11.2011 on the Annual Action Programme 2011 in favour of Vietnam to be financed underArticle 19.100101 of the general budget of the European Union - 15/11/2011

    The Commission decision approves the Annual Action Programme 2011 for Vietnam, constituted by the actions “European Trade Policy and Investment Support Project” and the “EU-Vietnam Strategic Dialogue Facility”. The maximum contribution of the European Union to the Annual Action Programme is set at EUR 18.000.000.
  4. Annual Work Programme for Grants of the Delegation of the European Commission to Viet Nam - 01/01/2009

    EIDHR, Country-Based Support Schemes (CBSS): The objective is to support civil society in working on human rights (political, civil, social and cultural), political pluralism and democratic political participation and representation. Priorities include: i. pursuit of common agendas for human rights and democratc reform; ii. building towards consensus on disputed or controversial areas of policy...