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  1. Operational Human Rights Guidance for EU external cooperation actions addressing Terrorism, Organised Crime and Cybersecurity: Integrating the Rights-Based Approach (RBA) - 05/11/2015

    DEVCO's comprehensive manual was developed to ensure that the increasing actions of EU cooperation addressing terrorism, organised crime and cybersecurity not only respect human rights but also actively promote them. Prescribed in the Regulation established the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace which foresees capacity building actions addressing these global and transregional...
  2. The European Transition Compendium Report- ETC - 25/11/2010

    The European Transition Compendium outlines the historical context, transition, changes, scope of reforms carried out across countries of Central and Eastern European and the Baltic States - 12 member states that joined the EU in the last two enlargements (2004 and 2007). It covers the early transition years and years of reform in preparation for accession to the EU