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  1. Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership Programme (PEUMP) - 03/07/2019

    This programme's main objective is to improve the economic, social and environmental benefits of 15 Pacific ACP states. This will be achieved by strengthening the regional economic integration and the sustainable management of natural resources. The ...

    Marine ecosystems

  2. An upgraded road in northern Mozambique is more than just a road- The Milange-Mocuba Road diaries - 11/03/2019

    The 190 km stretch of very poor road between Mocuba and Milange (border with Malawi) seriously hampered trade in the region as well as trading from Malawi to Mocuba and further.

    tackling poverty in rural Mozambique

  3. Integrated development of the Milange- Mocuba corridor, Mozambique - 17/01/2019

    The 190 km stretch of very poor road between Mocuba and Milange (border with Malawi) seriously hampered trade in the region as well as trading from Malawi to Mocuba and further.

    transport, Milange-Mocuba corridor

  4. Empowering vulnerable women to create 'Baz’Art Kreasion' handcraft social enterprise - 22/11/2018

    The 'BazArt Kreasion' social enterprise allows the direct combination of business know-how with social impact and creation of social value. The project supports 50 women in the St Pierre/Moka area to generate disposable income through self-emplo ...

    non-state actors, local authorities, Mauritius, Women

  5. Market Oriented Agriculture Programme in Ghana- MOAP Ghana - 06/09/2018

    The EU funded MOAP programme has been designed to support auxiliary agricultural infrastructure creation and productive investments in NW Ghana. It specifically targets planning, productive use and maintenance of infrastructures through strong community i ...

    Market, value chains, Market Oriented Agriculture Programme, MOAP

  6. Employment and Social Protection- Business Advocacy Challenge Fund - 06/09/2018

    Ghana Employment and Social Protection (GESP)- Business Advocacy Challenge Fund Phase III (BUSAC) Sector:  Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) development Domain:  European Development Fund Benefitting zone:  Ghana Nature:  Financing Agreement ...

    Business, employment, job creation, BUSAC

  7. KULIMA – Promoting farming in Malawi - 27/06/2018

    KULIMA stands for Kutukula Ulimi m’Malawi, meaning in the main local language, Chichewa, "promoting farming in Malawi". This programme aims to contribute to increase sustainable agricultural growth, incomes, employment and food security in Malaw ...

    farming, Environmental protection, climate change adaptation, land degradation

  8. EU-FAO partnership to help governments reduce poverty, achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition, and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 08/05/2018

    FIRST represents a strategic partnership between the EU and the FAO whereby the FAO is providing support to ensure that EU investments in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNS&SA) are transformed by partner countries into effect ...

    resilience, food security, sustainable agriculture, Policy coherence

  9. Support to enabling competitive business in Trinidad and Tobago - 08/01/2018

    The EU supported the implementation of the Enabling Competitive Business (ECB) Strategy to assist the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to bolster the country's business and investment climate

    Trinidad and Tobago, Business, competitivness, trade

  10. Regional Integration Support Mechanism- RISM - 06/12/2017

    The overall objective of RISM Consolidation is to support the economic integration process of the Eastern, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region through the consolidation of the COMESA FTA and implementation of the COMESA and EAC Customs Unions and ...

    RISM, COMESA, Zambia, cotton value chain