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  1. Projet ECOFAUNE+, Ecosystèmes Faunistiques du nord-est RCA/Tchad et du sud- est de la RCA - 12/06/2019

    Le projet ECOFAUNE+ se décline en 3 volets et sera mis en œuvre dans les 2 zones identifiées ... gestion du territoire participative (volet 1) et un accompagnement social les populations (volet 3). En ...

    ECOFAUNE+, biodiversité, RCA, faune

  2. The European Union-African Union Digital Economy Task Force - 17/12/2018

    The European Commission has set out its ambitions for a comprehensive and innovative partnership between Africa and the EU called the Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investments and Jobs. This includes a renewed determination to boost investment fo ...

  3. Investing in the Safety and Integrity of Adolescent Girls (I-SING) in North East Nigeria - 05/12/2018

    I-SING (Investing in the Safety and Integrity of Adolescent Girls) is a two-year programme, funded by the European Union via the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa – EUTF, which will run from September 2016 to January 2019. It seeks to improve the safety, ...

    girls, adolescents, safe spaces, EU Trust Fund for Africa

  4. Liberia Cocoa Sector Improvement Programme (LICSIP) - 16/11/2018

    The objective of this project is to create a vibrant, competitive and profitable cocoa economy driven by farmer groups/associations and private cocoa supply chain companies.

    cocoa, Liberia, seedlings

  5. Liberia Cocoa Sector Improvement Programme (LICSIP) - 14/11/2018

    The overall objective of this project is to create a vibrant, competitive and profitable cocoa economy driven primarily by farmer groups/associations and private cocoa supply chain companies, within a robust national regulatory and institutional framework ...

    cocoa, LICSIP, farmer associations

  6. Third Progress Report on the Commission's Action Plan on Nutrition 2017- 2018 - 14/11/2018

    This third progress report presents highlights of operational developments in the European Union's (EU) external assistance concerned with nutrition and provides updates on progress towards its two commitments in nutrition :- to support partner countries in reducing the number of stunted children under the age of five by at least 7 million by 2025- to ensure the allocation of EUR 3.5 billion...
  7. National Quality Infrastructure- NQI Nigeria - 30/10/2018

    This project aims to support the development of standards and quality control bodies within the framework of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in Nigeria.

    ISO 9001:2015, private sector, Entrepreneurs, standards organisation

  8. Programme for Accelerating the Reduction of Maternal and Child Mortality- PARMaCM - 24/10/2018

    Since their independence, Namibians have enjoyed an improvement in the quality of their healthcare system. Nevertheless, Namibia still faces high maternal and child mortality rates due several causes; isolated remote rural communities with no direct acces ...

    health, maternal and child health, mortality reduction

  9. Kenyan farmers benefit from Plantwise plant clinics - 23/10/2018

    Plantwise is a worldwide programme co-financed by the EU and led by CABI whic aims to increase food security and improve rural livelihoods by reducing crop losses. The programme strengthens links between plant health stakeholders and improves access to information at all levels, building the capacity of existing systems to effectively detect and manage problems as they arise.

    Plantwise, CABI, Plant health, reducing crop losses