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  1. EU support to major food crisis: the PRO-resilience action to tackle shocks and restore livelihoods in post-crisis/crisis scenarios - 28/09/2018

    PROACT activities aim to reduce food insecurity in a timely manner, helping the most vulnerable groups recover from crises and and build long-term food and nutrition security (FNS).

    food crisis, vulnerability, resilience, rehabilitation

  2. Life Exposed- Challenging Human Rights Violations Through Forcible Home Entries by Israel's Security Forces Personal in the West Bank - 13/03/2018

    The objective of this project is to contribute to the protection of human rights of Palestinian civilians in the West Bank by increasing Israeli security forces personnel (ISFP) accountability for forcible home entries in line with democratic standards an ...

    Democracy and Human Rights

  3. Dismantling the criminal networks operating in North Africa and involved in migrant smuggling and human trafficking (T05-EUTF-NOA-REG-05) - 04/12/2017

    Building on the priorities set by the European Commission in the joint Communication "Migration on the Central Mediterranean Route: Managing flows, saving lives" released on 25 January 2017, this programme aims to contribute to reducing enablers of – and mitigating vulnerabilities arising from – irregular migration in Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia by focusing on the dismantling of...
  4. Facility for Migrant Protection and Reintegration in North Africa (T05-EUTF-NOA-REG-04) - 04/12/2017

    The overall objective of this programme is to contribute to the strengthening of migrant protection and sustainable reintegration systems in North Africa. This programme will be implemented by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).
  5. Cooperation Sud-Sud en matière de migration- Action Document May 2017 EUTF North of Africa Window - 30/11/2017

    This first cross-regional programme under the North of Africa window of the EU Trust Fund for Africa aims at strengthening South-South cooperation on migration. Reflecting the strong willingness of Morocco, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Mali to cooperation, it will support the implementation of existing agreements and enhance cooperation on policies, diaspora mobilisation practices, return and...
  6. The European Union's External Investment Plan: green light for the first five investment areas - 23/11/2017

      The European Commission has defined concrete areas of investments for its External Investment Plan. The new plan will mobilise €44 billion of sustainable investment for Africa and the EU Neighbourhood countries. The European Commission singles out five ...

  7. EU External Investment Plan- Factsheet - 20/11/2017

    The European Commission proposed on 14 September 2016 an ambitious External Investment Plan (EIP) to encourage investment in our partner countries in Africa and the EU Neighbourhood region, to strengthen our partnerships and contribute to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, helping to address some root causes of migration.Part of the EIP is the new European Fund for Sustainable...
  8. Evaluation of the European Neighbourhood Instrument - 30/06/2017

    The evaluation of the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) for the period 2014-2020 will, together with parallel evaluations of other external financing instruments (EFIs) under the multiannual financial framework (MFF) 2014-2020, feed into the required mid-term review (MTR) report of the EFIs. The MTR is required by the Common Implementing Regulation (CIR) Article 17, by end of December 2017.
  9. Mediterranean City-to-City Migration (MC2CM) – Phase II- Action Document May 2017 EUTF North of Africa Window - 23/05/2017

    This programme will improve migration governance in 16 cities of the North of Africa region and 2 cities from the Middle-East through partnership with European cities. It will enhance dialogue between local authorities, central government, NGOs and private sector on migration planning at local level. It will also produce data on migration and impact of migration routes at local level and will...
  10. Technical Cooperation Facility- Action Document May 2017 EUTF North of Africa Window - 23/05/2017

    The facility will help ensure the effectiveness of the EU Trust Fund - North of Africa Window on migration and international protection through the identification and formulation of projects, the monitoring and evaluation of those projects as well as a better visibility of the results achieved.