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  1. Independent Evaluation of the European Union's Cooperation with Afghanistan (2007-2016) - 01/04/2019

    The Evaluation covers the EU’s cooperation with Afghanistan during the period 2007-2016 and it assesses its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coordination and complementarity, EU added value, potential negative effects and gender as cross-cutting issue.The evaluation shows that the gradual streamlining of the EU portfolio towards fewer and larger contracts and the increased proportion of...
  2. New €474 million co-operation package for Afghanistan - 28/11/2018

    The European Commission has today announced a financial package worth €474 million to support state building and public sector reforms, health, justice, and elections, as well as to address migration and displacement challenges in Afghanistan. Commissione ...

  3. Commission Implementing Decision on the financing of the annual action programme in favour of Central Asia for 2018 part 2 and in favour of the Asia region for 2018 part 4 - 19/11/2018

    The objectives pursued by the programme are to contribute to sustainable regional development by promoting economic growth and diversification through support to private sector development and decent job creaction, increased investment opportunities for ecinomic activities and support to the improvement of an enabling business and investment environment, as well as by promoting an integrated...
  4. Larger than tigers: Inputs for a strategic approach to biodiversity conservation in Asia- Regional Reports - 24/09/2018

    This report highlights Asia's immense natural capital and provides information and analysis in support of a strategic approach to halting environmental degradation and biodiversity loss in the region. As its title suggests, the problem is far greater than the survival of a single iconic species, the tiger. Vanishing species are just a part of complex natural ecosystems that provide...
  5. Advancing Afghan Trade: EU Trade-Related Assistance in Afghanistan - 20/09/2018

    Strengthening trade capacities and building a business-friendly environment is at the centre of the EU’s support to Afghanistan, with the ultimate goal of transforming Afghanistan and its regional partners into a vibrant regional economic hub. A support p ...

    Advancing Afghan Trade, International Trade Centre (ITC), World Trade Organization, AAT

  6. EU supports UNHCR work for Afghan refugees and displaced with €34 million - 02/07/2018

    The European Union and UNHCR have signed a new partnership agreement worth some €34 million aimed at supporting the nearly 6.5 million Afghans in the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan, as well as the more than 1.2 million people internally displaced ...

  7. INFORMED- Strengthening resilience of vulnerable people’s livelihoods and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition - 28/05/2018

    Through INFORMED, the EU and FAO are helping governments to better withstand food crises and to fight hunger, malnutrition and improve resilience in vulnerable areas.

    resilience, food security, malnutrition, early warning

  8. EU-FAO partnership to help governments achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 12/05/2018

    FIRST programme brings governments, regional organisations and donors together to develop effective policies in the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition and to promote resilience.

    resilience, food security, policies, sustainable agriculture