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  1. Improving the management of Trypanosomiasis in smallholder livestock production systems in Tse-Tse infested Sub-Saharian Africa - 21/08/2017

    To improve the control of Tse-Tse-transmitted African Animal Tripanosomiase (AAT) in Sub-Saharan Africa by developing African laboratories and veterinary services in CIRDES (Burkina Faso), UP (South Africa) and NAHDIC (Ethiopia) to detect drug resistence ...

    Regional Trypanosomiasis in tsetse infested Africa

  2. Monitoring the illegal killing of elephants to help states combat poaching and conserve populations - 15/04/2015

    The MIKE project, implemented by the CITES Secretariat, was part of a strategic cooperation agreement with UNEP. The EC contribution to MIKE from 2006-2012 was 9.8 million euros.

    Wildlife, poaching, Africa, CITES

  3. Study of SWAp in the water sector - 01/11/2011

    This study was jointly commissioned by the African Development Bank and the European Commission. The report comprises a synthesis based on a literature review and case studies of sector approaches in the water sector in seven countries: Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Jordan, Lesotho, Senegal, South Africa and Uganda.