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  1. Bo waterside road maintenance - 12/06/2017

    5-year routine maintenance of this road including initial repairs. Sector:  Road transport Domain:  European Development Fund Benefitting zone:  Liberia Nature:  Works ...

    Liberia, road, infrastructure, Sierra Leone

  2. Press release- The European Union to provide € 150.2 million for regional integration in West Africa - 07/11/2013

    Press Release on the Commission Decision on the Annual Action Programme 2013 in favour of West Africa to be financed from the 10th European Development Fund: 'The European Union to provide € 150.2 million for regional integration in West Africa'
  3. Communiqué de presse- L’UE soutient l’intégration régionale en Afrique: Réhabilitation de l’axe Zinder – Frontière Nigeria - 19/07/2013

    Communiqué de prese de la Décision de la Commission sur une mesure ad hoc de réhabilitation de la route Zinder-Frontière Nigéria en faveur de l’Afrique de l’Ouest à financer sur les ressources du 10e Fonds européen de développement
  4. COMMISSION DECISIONof 11/12/2012on the Annual Action Programme 2012 in favour of Sierra Leone to be financed fromthe 10th European Development Fund - 01/01/2012

    Annual Action Programme for Sierra Leone for the improvementof transport infrastructures (roads and bridges) and support to the government efforts in ensuring its vital state functions and the its financial capability to restore macro-economic stability
  5. New EU support to improve transport infrastructureand strengthen public institutions in Sierra Leone - 01/01/2012

    The Commission decision supports the Government of Sierra Leone in improving basic service delivery, restoring macro-economic stability and strenghtenign transport infrastructure (roads and bridges). The EU contribution is set at EUR 70.3 million