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  1. INFORMED- Strengthening resilience of vulnerable people’s livelihoods and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition - 28/05/2018

    Through INFORMED, the EU and FAO are helping governments to better withstand food crises and to fight hunger, malnutrition and improve resilience in vulnerable areas.

    resilience, food security, malnutrition, early warning

  2. EU-FAO partnership to help governments achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 12/05/2018

    FIRST programme brings governments, regional organisations and donors together to develop effective policies in the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition and to promote resilience.

    resilience, food security, policies, sustainable agriculture

  3. EU-FAO partnership to help governments reduce poverty, achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition, and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 08/05/2018

    FIRST represents a strategic partnership between the EU and the FAO whereby the FAO is providing support to ensure that EU investments in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNS&SA) are transformed by partner countries into effect ...

    resilience, food security, sustainable agriculture, Policy coherence

  4. European Commission makes first payment of €90 million under state‑building contract with Mali - 03/08/2014

    The European Commission has just paid out €90 million to Mali under the state‑building contract. Commission President José Manuel Barroso commented ‘This payment, part of the € 523 million aid package that I announced at the donor conference ‘Together for ...

  5. Communiqué de presse- Une nouvelle Facilité de Coopération Technique (FCT V) pour la République du Mali - 10/10/2013

    Communiqué de presse de la Décision de la Commission relative à une mesure de coopération technique en faveur de la République du Mali à financer sur le 10e Fonds européen de développement, Facilité de coopération technique V (FCT V)
  6. Press release-The EU strengthens its joint development strategy in Mali and steps up its response - 01/02/2013

    The documents explains EU's commitment for increasing development effectiveness through joint-programming in Mali, aiming also at providing immediate support to Mali's law enforcement, justice services and local authorities.