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  1. Clear Cotton project seeks to halt child labour in cotton production in Burkina Faso, Mali and Pakistan - 13/12/2018

    A new four-year project supported by the EU kicked-off in Brussels, bringing together key stakeholders, vowing to make cotton production sustainable, free from child and forced labour. The workshop held on 20 November, coincided with Universal Children’s ...

  2. EU-FAO partnership to help governments reduce poverty, achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition, and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 08/05/2018

    FIRST represents a strategic partnership between the EU and the FAO whereby the FAO is providing support to ensure that EU investments in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNS&SA) are transformed by partner countries into effect ...

    resilience, food security, sustainable agriculture, Policy coherence

  3. Ethical Fashion Initiative- Job creation and development of micro enterprises through fair trade and selected value chains - 16/11/2017

    The main objective of this project is to contribute to reducing poverty and consequently to the settlement of populations and reduction of irregular migrations (especially to Europe). The project aims to: Develop economic opportunities and the creation of ...

    EUTF Trust Fund Africa, ethical fashion, job creation, International Trade Centre (ITC)

  4. Support the Malian diaspora's investments in regions of origin - 21/09/2016

    Short project description The project's main objective is to support the implementation of Mali's migration and development policy, support the Malian diaspora's initiatives in terms of local investment and promote productive investment in ...

    diaspora, economic development, EU Trust Fund for Migration in Africa

  5. RELAC II- Support peace agreements through economic regeneration and assistance for local authorities in Northern Mali - 20/09/2016

    Short project description The project's main objective is to pursue the stabilisation of targeted post-conflict zones by accompanying the recovery of the local economy and the improvement of services provided by the authorities. The project is part o ...

    economic development, Peace and stability, Basic social services

  6. Security and Development in Northern Mali - 20/09/2016

    Short project description The project's main objective is to contribute to the implementation of the Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, strenghten security ans support the recovery of the economic activity. This project is part of the Security and D ...

    Border security, EU Trust Fund for Migration in Africa, resilience, economic development