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  1. L’Union Européenne et l’Agence Française de Développement renforcent leur soutien aux industries culturelles et créatives en Afrique - 25/02/2019

    industries créatives au Burkina Faso et en Afrique orientale. Ouagadougou — Aujourd’hui, Stefano Manservisi, ... pour renforcer leur appui aux industries créatives en Afrique à travers « L’Initiative de Financement ... développement durable et les emplois en Afrique. La contribution de l’Union européenne à ce programme ...

  2. Clear Cotton project seeks to halt child labour in cotton production in Burkina Faso, Mali and Pakistan - 13/12/2018

    A new four-year project supported by the EU kicked-off in Brussels, bringing together key stakeholders, vowing to make cotton production sustainable, free from child and forced labour. The workshop held on 20 November, coincided with Universal Children’s ...

  3. EU steps up support for the development of the Sahel - 06/12/2018

    The EU has announced new funding totalling EUR 125 million for the Sahel countries at the coordination conference of the G5 Sahel partners and donors, which took place today in Nouakchott, Mauritania. The fresh injection of EUR 125 million will be used fo ...

  4. EU support to major food crisis: the PRO-resilience action to tackle shocks and restore livelihoods in post-crisis/crisis scenarios - 28/09/2018

    PROACT activities aim to reduce food insecurity in a timely manner, helping the most vulnerable groups recover from crises and and build long-term food and nutrition security (FNS).

    food crisis, vulnerability, resilience, rehabilitation

  5. L'Union européenne renforce son soutien à la sécurité et au développement au Burkina Faso - 04/06/2018

    Nord du Burkina Faso. C'est aujourd'hui à Bruxelles en marge des Journées européenne du ... en présence du Président du Faso Marc Roch Christian Kaboré, ont signé une Convention de Financement ... une initiative gouvernementale adoptée en juillet 2017 pour accélérer la mise en œuvre du Programme ...

  6. INFORMED- Strengthening resilience of vulnerable people’s livelihoods and reducing food insecurity and malnutrition - 28/05/2018

    Through INFORMED, the EU and FAO are helping governments to better withstand food crises and to fight hunger, malnutrition and improve resilience in vulnerable areas.

    resilience, food security, malnutrition, early warning

  7. EU-FAO partnership to help governments achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 12/05/2018

    FIRST programme brings governments, regional organisations and donors together to develop effective policies in the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition and to promote resilience.

    resilience, food security, policies, sustainable agriculture

  8. EU-FAO partnership to develop early warning action against food crisis and promote resilience - 08/05/2018

    The INFORMED programme, through assistance from FAO, aims to support national and regional institutions to guarantee regular, timely information as well as evidence-based analysis regarding the food security, nutrition and resilience situation (FN&S) ...

    resilience, food crisis, knowledge sharing, policies

  9. EU-FAO partnership to help governments reduce poverty, achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition, and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 08/05/2018

    FIRST represents a strategic partnership between the EU and the FAO whereby the FAO is providing support to ensure that EU investments in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNS&SA) are transformed by partner countries into effect ...

    resilience, food security, sustainable agriculture, Policy coherence