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  1. Programa de Apoyo a la Estrategia de Seguridad de Centroamérica (ESCA) - 29/05/2017

    de la seguridad en Centroamérica mediante la mejora de la capacidad de las instituciones regionales, ... internacional en apoyo a la Estrategia de Seguridad de Centroamérica. El proyecto tiene 2 componentes: ...

    security, violence prevention, institutional reinforcement, Central America

  2. A Human Rights-Based Approach to Child Protection: Changing Social Norms and Engaging Civil Society to End Violence against Girls and Boys in Belize - 26/10/2015

    Overall Objective: A Human Rights-Based Approach to Child Protection is fostering social change for the benefit of the most vulnerable boys and girls in selected urban and rural areas in Belize. Specific objectives: 1. Build the capacity, engage and mobil ...

    violence against women and children, civil society, human rights, child protection

  3. Credit Facility for Caribbean Development Bank - 05/10/2015

    The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is one of the main catalysts for development funding in the Caribbean region, with a long experience of working with its member countries. The credit facility provided by AFD will promote and finance new infrastructure ...

    Credit, Caribbean Development Bank

  4. George Price Highway rehabilitation for Belize integration - 05/10/2015

    The project George Price Highway Rehabilitation aims to improve the road connectivity within Belize’s main districts and with Central America by rehabilitating the George Price Highway road infrastructure between miles 47.9 in Belmopan and 67.3 in Santa E ...

    George Price Highway, rehabilitation, Belize, integration

  5. National Indicative Programme for Belize 2014-2020 - 06/05/2015

    The National Indicative programme for Belize has been allocated an initial envelope of €27 million. EU cooperation will focus on 3 focal sectors in line with national priorities: energy, health and public finance management.
  6. Technical support in the implementation of Belize Rural Development Project II - 24/03/2015

    The purpose of this contract is to provide technical and administrative support to the National Authorising Office and the Ministry of Agriculture for the successful implementation of the Belize Rural Development Project II (BRDP II) programme. Sector:  P ...

    Belize, rural development

  7. Promoting agribusiness development in Northern Belize - 24/03/2015

    The overall objective of the intervention is to reduce poverty and improve the living standards of the rural population in the northern districts of Corozal and Orange Walk. This will be achieved specifically by facilitating commercial agriculture-based e ...


  8. 2015 Work Programme for Grants for Jamaica and Belize - 24/03/2015

    2015 Work Programme for Grants of Delegation of the European Union to Jamaica, Belize, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Cayman Islands for Jamaica and Belize