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  1. Support to medium and long Term needs of Host Communities and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - 30/03/2015

    Result 1. the capacity of existing Lebanese Institutions and structures to deal with crisis is improved Result 2. The capacity and quality of the national primary and secondary education structures in the regions hosting syrian refugees is reinforced Resu ...

    Lebanon, Syria, refugees, Skills and vocational training

  2. Training for Catering increases livelihood opportunities for locals and refugees in Lebanon - 22/12/2014

    Building on the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon and Syria, the project offers catering training for Lebanese and Syrians. TIt contributes towards improving the participants' professional capacities.

    Lebanon, Syria, refugees, training

  3. ENP Country Progress Report 2013 – Lebanon - 03/08/2014

    The 2014 annual “Neighbourhood Package” consists of a joint Communication (“Neighbourhood at the Crossroads”) and a set of country specific and regional reports. The report on Lebanon underlines key/main developments and reform efforts in 2013 and makes r ...

  4. WORK PROGRAMME FOR GRANTS- DELEGATION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION TO LEBANON- ""Youth Engagement in Implementation of the National Youth Policy"" - 01/01/2013

    The global objective of this Call for Proposals is to contribution to the adoption and implementation of the national youth priorities and concerns namely in issues related to migration, labour, education and culture, health, social integration and youth participation in political life.