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  1. Support to medium and long Term needs of Host Communities and Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - 30/03/2015

    Result 1. the capacity of existing Lebanese Institutions and structures to deal with crisis is improved Result 2. The capacity and quality of the national primary and secondary education structures in the regions hosting syrian refugees is reinforced Resu ...

    Lebanon, Syria, refugees, Skills and vocational training

  2. Contribution to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) - 26/03/2015

    The overarching objective of the Fund is to strengthen the involvement and effectiveness of NGOs and other sectors of civil society in contributing to conservation and management of globally significant biodiversity hotspots. Sector:  Bio-diversity Domain ...

    Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)

  3. 2015 Work Programme for Grants of the European Union for the Republic of Lebanon - 26/03/2015

    2015 Work Programme for Grants of the European Union, represented by the European Commission, for the Republic of Lebanon.
  4. Using tradition to build sustainable livelihoods in Lebanon - 11/03/2015

    The EU is one of seven donors to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, which funds projects to protect threatened biodiversity hotspots around the world. This is one of several projects supported.

    biodiversity, sustainable land management, grazing, ecotourism

  5. Lebanon host communities support programme - 18/02/2015

    Building the resilience of Lebanese host communities and stabilizing the social and economic situation in Lebanon. Sector:  Social/ welfare services Domain:  Neighbourhood- Mediterranean & Eastern Europe Benefitting zone:  Lebanon Nature:  Action Gran ...

    civil society, host community, economic, Lebanon

  6. Developing national capability for integrated border management in Lebanon - 18/02/2015

    The specific objective is to provide support to the Lebanese authorities to secure and control the borders in accordance with national and international Integrated Border Management (IBM) standards, thus increasing the security of its citizens, promoting ...

    peace and security, border control, regional stability, Lebanon

  7. Training for Catering increases livelihood opportunities for locals and refugees in Lebanon - 22/12/2014

    Building on the rich culinary heritage of Lebanon and Syria, the project offers catering training for Lebanese and Syrians. TIt contributes towards improving the participants' professional capacities.

    Lebanon, Syria, refugees, training

  8. Twinning National Contact Points- Beneficiary Countries ENI- October 2014 - 20/10/2014

    National Contact Points of Beneficiary Countries involved in the Twinning activities. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the Programme Administration Offices (PAO).
  9. Table of the 28 National Contact Points 'Institution Building Twinning' in Members States - 16/10/2014

    National Contact Points for 'Institution Building Twinning' of the 28 Members States of the European Union. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the EU MS appointed as the institutional contact point for all Twinning activities.