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  1. Support to the Implementation of the Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahara and the Sahel - 26/03/2015

    Action Sheet H of AAP 2010 ENRTP Sector:  Environmental policy and administrative management Domain:  Development- Environment Benefitting zone:  Pan-African region Nature:  Financing Agreement ...

    Great Green Wall, Sahara and the Sahel

  2. The Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative - 04/03/2015

    The Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative (GGWSSI) was launched by African leaders in 2007. The EU has been supporting the initiative since 2009, mainly through capacity-building.

    disaster risk reduction and desertification, resilience, Climate change, Great Green Wall

  3. Outside In: The Art of Inclusion- A Place for Arts and Culture in Cairo's City of the Dead - 11/02/2015

    The purpose of the contract is to establish a new cultural centre in a historic building that will have the objective to increase access to culture and cultural participation in the City of the Dead. Sector:  Culture and recreation Domain:  Neighbourhood- ...

    culture, Art, Social integration, Egypt

  4. Wind Farm in Gulf El Zayt - 11/02/2015

    Wind Farm in Gulf El Zayt- National Indicative Programme Contribution. Sector:  Wind power Domain:  Neighbourhood- Mediterranean & Eastern Europe Benefitting zone:  Egypt Nature:  Financing Agreement ...

    Environment and green economy, energy, Wind Power, Egypt

  5. Twinning National Contact Points- Beneficiary Countries ENI- October 2014 - 20/10/2014

    National Contact Points of Beneficiary Countries involved in the Twinning activities. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the Programme Administration Offices (PAO).
  6. Table of the 28 National Contact Points 'Institution Building Twinning' in Members States - 16/10/2014

    National Contact Points for 'Institution Building Twinning' of the 28 Members States of the European Union. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the EU MS appointed as the institutional contact point for all Twinning activities. 
  7. Joint Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and Commissioner Štefan Füle on the Egyptian NGO trial verdicts - 03/08/2014

    ''We wish to express our concern at the recent Court ruling in Egypt sentencing the 43 employees of foreign NGOs referred to trial in December 2011 to between one and five years in jail. ...

  8. EU-Egypt: reviewing on-going cooperation and priorities for the future - 03/08/2014

    Commissioner Štefan Füle met with Mr Nabil Fahmy, Foreign Minister of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The meeting was an occasion to review the state of on-going cooperation between the European Commission and Egypt, and discuss priorities for the future in t ...