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  1. Technical Cooperation and Capacity Building Facility (TECCBUF) - 08/07/2019

    The overall objective is to contribute to the effective implementation of the EU's development cooperation within the Pacific ACP region in in line with the Pacific Leaders' vision for a region of peace, harmony, security, social inclusion and p ...

    capacity building

  2. Pacific- EU Waste Management Programme (PACWASTE PLUS) - 03/07/2019

    Poorly managed waste and pollution has a the detrimental effect on sustainable development in the 15 Pacific ACP (PACP) countries. It is taking its toll on the health of Pacific communities, degrading natural ecosystems, threatening food security, impedin ...

    solid waste management

  3. Pacific-European Union Marine Partnership Programme (PEUMP) - 03/07/2019

    This programme's main objective is to improve the economic, social and environmental benefits of 15 Pacific ACP states. This will be achieved by strengthening the regional economic integration and the sustainable management of natural resources. The ...

    Marine ecosystems