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  1. Community Based Approach to Local Development Phase II - 15/01/2016

    Pupils of the Manachyn village school, Khmelnitsky region, have benefited from more comfortable learning conditions due to EU/UNDP programme "Community-Based Approach to Local Development" (CBA-II). Benefitting zone:  Ukraine ...

    community-based approach to local development, UNDP, Ukraine, EU support to Ukraine

  2. Covenant of Mayors Capacity Building Model for Ukraine and Georgia- Model Solution for Eastern Partnership and Central Asia - 15/01/2016

    Overall objective: to support local authorities in Ukraine and Georgia (and in the long-term in other Eastern Partnership and Central Asian (EaP/CA) countries) in improving their energy security, reducing greenhouse gases emissions, diminishing dependence ...

    Covenant of Mayors, Ukraine, Georgia, sustainable energy

  3. Community Based Approach to Local Development Phase II - 13/01/2016

    Residents of Studenytsia village (Zhytomyr oblast, Ukraine) now have a better access to healthcare thanks to energy efficiency upgrades and renovations in the local ambulatory care clinic. Benefitting zone:  Ukraine ...

    EU support to Ukraine, community-based approach to local development, UNDP

  4. Support to Ukraine's Regional Development Policy - 24/12/2015

    To strengthen the capacity of Ukrainian authorities and other stakeholders to develop and implement effective regional development policies. Benefitting zone:  Ukraine ...

    EU support to Ukraine, IDPs, EU humanitarian aid

  5. Hromadske Network - 04/12/2015

    The overall objective is to promote active citizenship and democracy in Ukraine by establishing and strengthening the capacity of civil media initiatives in the regions to ensure daily unbiased news coverage specifically linked to the needs of diverse reg ...

    civil society, free media, Ukraine, EU projects

  6. Support to conflict-affected areas - 03/12/2015

    The EU-funded project “Support to conflict-affected areas” was launched in September 2014 as a response to IDPs and the impact of crisis. The €17 million budget of the EU project aims to cover 17 local initiatives targeting various groups of IDPs, many ch ...

    EU humanitarian aid, EU support to Ukraine, Ukraine, IDPs

  7. The EU hands over a pilot incinerator to help in preventing wild forest fires in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone - 05/11/2015

    Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Tombinski handed over a pilot incinerator costing € 1.25 million to support the prevention of forest fires within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to decrease the risk of airborne radioactive contamination spreading beyond the zone.Thanks to a unique filter system, ashes are collected and can be safely disposed of. The heat produced by the incinerator will be used to power...
  8. EU backs public broadcasting initiatives throughout Ukraine - 06/10/2015

    The EU is supporting grassroots public broadcasting initiatives with a grant of over €800 000 for their development all over Ukraine. ...

    Ukraine, public broadcasting, hromadske tv