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  1. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Georgia (2007-2013) - 04/08/2015

    The evaluation of the EU cooperation with Georgia was commissioned by the DG DEVCO Evaluation unit and was implemented between January 2014 and April 2015, covering the period 2007-2013.
  2. Georgia East-West Highway GE-04- Samtredia-Grigoleti-Kobuleti section - 12/02/2015

    Upgrade and improvement of the most Western part of the East-West highway, from Zestaponi to Adjara region in Georgia for a total length of about 68 km. The highway is on the Pan-European corridor linking the EU with Central Asia through Georgia. Its reha ...

    transport, Highway, Pan-European highway, Georgia

  3. Collaboration towards combating child sexual abuse - 12/02/2015

    Overall objective is to contribute to the establishment of a comprehensive, child-friendly and child-centred system for the protection of children in Georgia. Sector:  Social/welfare services Domain:  Thematic Strategy for DG NEAR Benefitting zone:  Georg ...

    Children and youth, Democracy and Human Rights, sexual exploitation, Georgia

  4. Towards energy efficient cities – a warm and comfortable future for Ukrainian and Georgian citizens - 04/02/2015

    The project supports local authorities in Ukraine and Georgia in improving their energy security, reducing greenhouse gases emissions and improving their citizens’ quality of life.

    Covenant of Mayors, Ukraine, Georgia, energy efficiency

  5. Twinning National Contact Points- Beneficiary Countries ENI- October 2014 - 20/10/2014

    National Contact Points of Beneficiary Countries involved in the Twinning activities. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the Programme Administration Offices (PAO).
  6. Table of the 28 National Contact Points 'Institution Building Twinning' in Members States - 16/10/2014

    National Contact Points for 'Institution Building Twinning' of the 28 Members States of the European Union. The table contains the name and the contact details of the designated public official in each of the EU MS appointed as the institutional contact point for all Twinning activities. 
  7. Special Measure 2014 in favour of Georgia and the Republic of Moldova - 17/09/2014

    The special measure 2014 in favour of Georgia and the Republic of Moldova to be financed from the general budget of the European Union. It is entirely funded with 'supplementary allocations' granted through the incentive-based mechanism of the ENI (multi-country umbrella programme). It is complements the Annual Action Programmes 2014 for both countries.