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  1. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with El Salvador (1998-2008) - 01/03/2010

    Evaluation of the Commission's support to El Salvador - The ToRs state that the evaluation should cover the EC co-operation strategies with El Salvador and their implementation during the period 1998-2008. Ref. 1274.
  2. Strategic evaluation of the EU support to conflict prevention and peacebuilding in third countries (2001-2010)- Preliminary study - 01/07/2009

    Thematic Evaluation of the European Commission support to Conflict Prevention and Peace Building - Preliminary study: scoping and mapping - Temporal scope, which will cover the period 2001-2008. Geographical scope, which will cover third countries with the exception of Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries and those covered by DG Enlargement. Ref. 1266.
  3. Strategic evaluation of EU aid channelled through civil society organisations (2000-2006) - 01/12/2008

    Evaluation of EC aid through civil society organisations (CSOs) - A broad and inclusive working definition of civil society organisations was used. A comparison of the relative efficiency and effectiveness of various channels of aid delivery falls outside the scope of this Evaluation. Ref. 1259.