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  1. Strategic evaluation of Budget Support in Paraguay (2006-2014) - 24/02/2017

    The Evaluation includes the Executive summary (EN) and Final report ( Volume I –main report, and Volume II annexes- ES).
  2. Strategic evaluation of the EU's Cooperation with Central America (2007- 2013) - 15/07/2015

    This evaluation provides an overall, independend assessment of the EU's regional cooperation and partnership relations with Central America. It provides recommendations to improve the future cooperation of the EU with this region. The evaluation examines how regional cooperation of the EU has helped to advance the integration process in Central America between 2007 and 2013.
  3. Strategic evaluation of EU Cooperation with Bolivia (2007-2013) - 15/12/2014

    The objectives of the evaluation of the EU cooperation with Bolivia (2007-2013) were:to provide the EC services and the public at large with an independent evaluation of past and present cooperation and association relations between the EU and Bolivia;to identify lessons learned and formulate recommendations to improve the current and future strategies of the EU programmes and actions in Bolivia.
  4. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with El Salvador (1998-2008) - 01/03/2010

    Evaluation of the Commission's support to El Salvador - The ToRs state that the evaluation should cover the EC co-operation strategies with El Salvador and their implementation during the period 1998-2008. Ref. 1274.
  5. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Bolivia (1996-2006) - 01/07/2007

    Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Bolivia (1996-2006) - The scope of the evaluation covered the EC cooperation strategies and their implementation in  Bolivia for the period 1996-2006. - Main Report Ref. 1086.
  6. Strategic evaluation of the EU regional cooperation in Central America (1996-2006) - 01/07/2007

    Evaluation of the EC regional cooperation in Central America - The main objective of this study is to provide the European Commission (EC) with an assessment of the results and findings of its regional cooperation strategy in Central America during the period 1996 – 2006. Ref. 1092.Summary available in English, Report and annexes in Spanish, Quality Judgment and Response of EC services...
  7. Strategic evaluation of EU support for statistics in third countries (1996-2005) - 01/02/2007

    Evaluation of EC support for Statistics in Third Countries - This evaluation covers the EC’s actions in the field of ongoing and completed SPPs since 1996; it also covers those budgetary aid programmes in which a statistical component was included. The geographical areas concerned are the ACP, MEDA, ALA and TACIS regions. - 2007 - Main report - Ref. 1059.