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  1. Joint strategic evaluation of budget support operations in Morocco (2005-2012) - 01/09/2014

    Evaluation conjointe des opérations d'appui budgétaire au Maroc  - Période 2005-2012 - Publication de 2014 - Rapport principal.
  2. Joint strategic evaluation of Budget Support for Mozambique (2005-2012) - 01/06/2014

    The evaluation found that, fundamentally, Budget Support has been successful. It has made possible a major expansion in education provision, whilst supporting economic growth and macroeconomic stability and facilitating steady improvements in public financial management and, to a lesser extent, in governance. The main shortcoming of Budget Support has been the failure to reduce income poverty....
  3. Joint strategic evaluation of budget support for Tanzania (2005-2012) - 31/10/2013

    This study has evaluated the General and Sector Budget Support operations undertaken in Tanzania from 2005/06 to 2011/12. These operations amount to a resource transfer of almost US$ 5,000 million - an annual average disbursement of US$ 694 million, some $16 per annum per head of the Tanzanian population, provided by 14 Development Partners.
  4. Joint strategic evaluation of budget support for Tanzania (2005-2012) - 19/07/2013

    The evaluation concludes that Budget Support had an important influence on growth, on improved outcomes in the education sector and on improvements in non-income poverty. However, the complementary inputs of Budget Support (i.e. policy dialogue and technical assistance), which might have helped to generate a wider impact, have functioned less effectively. The recommendations provide an agenda...
  5. Joint strategic evaluation of budget support for Mali (2003-2009) - 01/09/2011

    Joint strategic evaluation of budget support for Mali - The study is about the evaluation of 32 (out of a total of 334) operations of global and sector budget support financed by ten PTF to Mali between 2003 and 2009. Ref. 1290.
  6. Strategic evaluation of the EU budget support for Tunisia (1996-2008) - 01/03/2011

    Evaluation of European Commission Budget Support Operations in Tunisia - The scope of the evaluation covers seven budget support operations, out of a total of fourteen, funded by the EC in Tunisia over the 1996-2008 period. Ref. 1286.