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  1. Improving the banana industry's environmental and socio-economic sustainability in Kpong, Ghana - 04/09/2018

    This project improves the competitiveness of the banana industry in the face of the tariff preference erosion in the EU market, while ensuring its environmental and socio-economic sustainability in the long run. BAM Ghana will support the industry's  ...

    composting, bananas, BAM, Ghana

  2. Improving living conditions of banana farmers in Ghana - 04/09/2018

    The project has helped to build housing and develop social infrastructures for banana farmers at Golden Exotic Limited, Ghana. Sector:  Housing policy and administrative management Domain:  Bananas Benefitting zone:  Ghana Nature:  Works ...

    bananas, BAM, social infrastructure, Ghana

  3. Support to the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) in Liberia - 12/06/2017

    To put in place the main Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) implementation instruments: Legality Verification Department and the VPA Support Unit. Sector:  Forestry services Domain:  Environment Benefitting zone:  Liberia Nature:  Financing Agreement ...

    FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement

  4. Enhancing quality, access and governance of undergraduate education in India - 01/06/2017

    The action will enhance the quality, access and governance of undergraduate education in India through the promotion of Indo-EU Higher Education partnerships and collaborations. It facilitates the exchange of best practices, experience and knowledge in un ...

    higher education, e-learning

  5. Capacity building for CO2 mitigation from international aviation - 22/04/2016

    The main objective of the ICAO- European Commission Assistance Project is to contribute to the mitigation of CO2 emissions from international aviation by implementing capacity building activities that will support the development of low carbon air transpo ...

    Climate change, EU funded projects, global public goods and challenges (GPGC), transport

  6. Programming Document for Sustainable Development of Greenland 2014-2020 - 28/10/2014

    The Programming Document defines the cooperation priorities for the period 2014-2020.  The education, vocational training and post-elementary school system have been chosen as the concentration sector for the cooperation between Union and Greenland for the period 2014-2020.