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  1. EU-FAO partnership to help governments reduce poverty, achieve zero hunger, improve nutrition, and increase resilience in crisis-prone countries - 08/05/2018

    FIRST represents a strategic partnership between the EU and the FAO whereby the FAO is providing support to ensure that EU investments in food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNS&SA) are transformed by partner countries into effect ...

    resilience, food security, sustainable agriculture, Policy coherence

  2. Global Donor Platform for Rural Development – GDPRD - 30/08/2017

    The GDPRD is a network of 38 organisations in which members share knowledge and provide guidance to decision-makers for the promotion of inclusive and sustainable agriculture and rural development.

    rural development, sustainable agriculture, Donors, aid effectiveness

  3. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Burkina Faso (1999-2008) - 01/05/2010

    Evaluation de la Coopération de l'UE avec le Burkina Faso - Le champ de l’évaluation couvre les stratégies de coopération de l’Union européenne avec le Burkina Faso ainsi que leur mise en oeuvre pour la période 1999-2008, soit la programmation et la mise en oeuvre des 8e et 9e FED. Ref. 1275.
  4. Annual action programme for Burkina Faso - 01/01/2010

    Additional European Union contribution to the programme ""MDG Contract – Budget Support for Growth and Poverty Alleviation "" in Burkina Faso. The EU contribution is set at EUR 23 420 000.