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  1. EU steps up support to displaced and crisis-affected communities in Yemen - 27/11/2018

    The European Union has adopted a €30 million programme in support of vulnerable communities suffering the effects of prolonged displacement in Yemen. This brings the total EU development assistance to Yemen in 2018 to €71 million. This longer-term support ...

  2. EU steps up its assistance for the reconstruction of Iraq - 27/11/2018

    The European Union has adopted today a €56.5 million package to promote sustainable job creation and strengthen support to refugees, internally displaced populations and their host communities in Iraq. This brings the total EU development assistance mobil ...

  3. 2017 Special Measure in favour of Iraq - 12/10/2017

    The objectives of this measure are to ensure that early recovery and rapid return to sustainable development pathway are achieved. That stabilisation and humanitarian interventions are enabled in areas that are newly liberated from ISIL (Da'esh) and that the Government strategic coordination mecanisms are strengthened to ensure a common approach to clearance of explosive...
  4. Special Measure 2017 and 2018 on "Addressing migration and forced displacement challenges in Asia and the Middle East: a comprehensive regional EU Response" - 05/10/2017

    The objectives pursued by the Special Measure are to address the short, medium and long-term challenges posed by protracted forced displacement and migration, both in host/transit countries and countries of origin. It also tackles the need to develop sustainable solutions for the reintegration of returnees and dicplaced population in Afghanistan and neighbouring countries.
  5. Regional Programme in support of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan, and of returnees in Afghanistan - 26/03/2015

    The overall objective of the programme to be funded through this proposal is to contribute to the protection of Afghan refugees in Iran and Pakistan and returnees in Afghanistan, and to promote the search for durable solutions for them. Sector:  Reconstru ...

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