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  1. Enhancing rural resilience through the creation of a Community Health Workers Network in Yemen - 17/05/2019

    As Yemen enters its fifth year of conflict, the health sector is collapsing. Only half of all health facilities are functional and even these face severe shortages in medicine, equipment, and staff. Most of the health workers have not received a salary in ...

    community health workers

  2. EU steps up support to displaced and crisis-affected communities in Yemen - 27/11/2018

    The European Union has adopted a €30 million programme in support of vulnerable communities suffering the effects of prolonged displacement in Yemen. This brings the total EU development assistance to Yemen in 2018 to €71 million. This longer-term support ...

  3. Amending Commission Implementing Decision C(2013)3543 on the 2013 Annual Action Programme (Part 1) in favour of the Republic of Yemen - 11/04/2018

    The action "Enhancing Resilience in Yemen: Strengthening the Social Safety Net", is replaced by the action "Cash for Work: Promoting livelihood opportunities for urban youth in Yemen", in order to promote livelihood opportunities for youth and to preserve and restore national cultural heritage while contributing to social cohesion and peace.
  4. Commission Implementing Decision amending Commission Implementing Decision C(2013) 7581 on the 2013 Annual Action Programme part 2 in favour of Yemen for Health and Livelihoods - 15/12/2017

    The present Decision adapts the overall and specific objectives and the expected results of the Action "Enhancing Resilience in Yemen: Strenghtening Health systems" (Annex 1). The main goal of the Action is to improve the health status of the population of Yemen through supporting an enabling environment of improved resilience in rural areas.
  5. Commission Implementing Decision amending Commission Implementing Decision C(2012)5619 on the Annual Action Programme 2012 (Part 1) in favour of the Republic of Yemen - 15/12/2017

    The Action approved by the AAP has been modified from the original one "Democracy and State Building - Supporting Yemen's Transition" to a new one "Support to the Stabilisation of Yemen", in order to strengthen the peace process at local level and with local communities, to enhance the capacity to elaborate local security strategies and to help reducing youth vulnerability to radicalisation via...
  6. 2016/2017 special measure in favour of Yemen - 13/12/2016

    The objective pursued by the measure is to strengthen the resilience capacity of poor and vulnerable communities and households through improved access to public services and social safety nets, with particular attention to the inclusion of women, young people and marginalized minorities across at least three Yemeni Governorates.
  7. Strategic evaluation of the EU cooperation with Yemen (2002-2012) - 06/07/2015

    This final report presents the findings of the Evaluation of the EU cooperation with Yemen during the period 2002 - 2012. The evaluation period covers 2 country strategy papers and 4 national indicative programmes / multi-annual indicative programmes, and encompasses all main areas of EU development support as well as coherence with other domains - Final report Ref.1343
  8. Promoting Equity and Legal Identity for Children in Yemen by Improving Civil Registration - 23/06/2015

    The project aims to provide equitable and sustainable access for the most vulnerable boys and girls to protection services, particularly to birth registration.

    children, birth registration, Yemen