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  1. Reconciliation in Myanmar: Bridging the Divides with Cultural Expression - 04/09/2015

    The project supports and expands on the diverse cultures of Myanmar, utilizing a combination of theater, television, and film to contribute to Myanmar’s transition to a peace. The overall objective of the project is to facilitate a process of rec ...

    ethnic reconciliation, peace building, intercultural dialogue

  2. Strengthening Women's Co-operatives in Myanmar (SWIM) - 03/09/2015

    The overall objective is to strengthen the capacity of national and community-level women’s cooperatives in Myanmar. The specific objectives are: To strengthen the work of women’s NSA Thirimay Women’s Development Cooperative Society; strengthen the abilit ...

    gender, civil society, capacity building, womens network

  3. Environmental Watch for Environmental Governance - 03/09/2015

    The overall objective is to improve environmental democracy and governance through participatory mechanism in particular the environmental report card system and setting up of an environmental hotline. Sector:  Democratic participation and civil society D ...

    environment, governance

  4. Moving beyond the negotiating table: medium-term support to ethnic group peace process activities - 03/09/2015

    The overall objective is t o contribute to the implementation of the peace process in Myanmar; and, to support increased inclusivity and trust building between key stakeholders in the peace process. The aim is to reach a common level of understanding of t ...

    peace process, ethnic minorities

  5. Education Assistance to Children in Rakhine State - 01/09/2015

    The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards improved quality of education for children in Rakhine State. The specific objectives of the project is to improve access to quality education in a safe and protective learning environment and t ...

    education, children affected by conflict, refugees

  6. Promoting Durable Peace and Development in Kachin - 01/09/2015

    Adopting the EU comprehensive framework approach in supporting the peace process, reconciliation, rehabilitation and development in Kachin State, the project builds on cumulative implementation experience and assessments of Kachin civil society actors, wh ...

    peace process, refugees, peace dividends, Reconciliation

  7. Shan State: peace, reconciliation and development through community empowerment - 01/09/2015

    The overall objective of this proposed action is to contribute to peace, reconciliation and development through the empowerment of conflict-affected communities in Myanmar. The action has three specific objectives: To provide opportunities for communities ...

    peace building, Reconciliation, children affected by conflict, participatory development

  8. Promotion of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as Tools for Peace in Myanmar - 01/09/2015

    The overall objective of the project is to support the Myanmar peace process by addressing root causes of armed conflict and by increasing the capacity of stakeholders to respect rights. The project aims to support the consolidation of the peace process t ...

    labour rights, Special Economic Zones, rights at work, peace building

  9. South-East Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (SIRP) - 01/09/2015

    This project is being implemented in 90 targeted villages in Mon and Kayin States and Tanyntharyi Regions. The specific objective is to empower the most marginalized and vulnerable conflict affected uprooted people and their host communities, and improve ...

    refugees, water and sanitation, health, access to education

  10. Creating an enabling post-conflict environment for Populations in Kayin State, and facilitating the safe return of Inernally Displaced Persons and Refugees - 01/09/2015

    The specific objective of this project is to provide comprehensive development assistance through community-led structures and to ensure an environment conducive to the return of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees in 80 villages in Kayin Sta ...

    resettlement, peace dividens, refugees, post-conflict