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  1. Country Strategy Paper and National Indicative Programme for the period 2008-2013- Ghana - 01/01/2013

    Ghana, the “shining star” of Africa at independence in 1957, experienced political and economic shocks that led to a deterioration of living standards. From the mid nineties, macroeconomic stability has improved considerably and Ghana’s democratic gains were impressive. At the moment, Ghana faces no external threats and plays a key stabilising role in the otherwise troubled West African Region.
  2. Annual action programme for Ghana- action fiche - 01/01/2010

    Annual action programme for Ghana: Support to Independent Governance Institutions involved in the electoral process. The EU contribution is set at EUR 7 000 000.
  3. Support growth and poverty reduction in Ghana - 01/01/2008

    Support for Ghana's growth and poverty reduction strategy and to improve regional interconnectivity and better access to social services and trade areas through support to the Transport Sector Development Programme