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  1. E-waste Management in Ghana: From Grave to Cradle - 06/09/2018

    The overall objective of this project is to improve e-waste management in Ghana for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP). Through an integrated multi-stakeholder approach, the project will promote sustainable growth, alleviate poverty, increase hu ...

    e-waste, waste managment, informal sector, environment

  2. Improving the banana industry's environmental and socio-economic sustainability in Kpong, Ghana - 04/09/2018

    This project improves the competitiveness of the banana industry in the face of the tariff preference erosion in the EU market, while ensuring its environmental and socio-economic sustainability in the long run. BAM Ghana will support the industry's  ...

    composting, bananas, BAM, Ghana

  3. Improving living conditions of banana farmers in Ghana - 04/09/2018

    The project has helped to build housing and develop social infrastructures for banana farmers at Golden Exotic Limited, Ghana. Sector:  Housing policy and administrative management Domain:  Bananas Benefitting zone:  Ghana Nature:  Works ...

    bananas, BAM, social infrastructure, Ghana

  4. EU support to land governance for improving food security, poverty reduction and inclusive development - 16/04/2018

    The EU contributes to the process of designing land laws and carrying out policy reform. The EU also supports land administrations and sponsors CSOs in their advocacy work to promote equal land rights.

    land rights, land investments, VGGT, Women

  5. Annual Action Programme 2017 (part III) for Environment and Climate Change under the Global Public Goods and Challenges Thematic Programme - 07/12/2017

  6. Strengthening the capacity of non-state actors to improve FLEGT-VPA and REDD+ processes in Western Africa - 19/06/2017

    (VOSIEDA), Groupe National de Travail pour la Gestion durable des Forets et Certification Forestiers en Cote ...

    Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade (FLEGT); REDD+; Forestry

  7. Annual Work Programme for Grants of the European Commission Subject to the adoption of the Thematic programme for environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy (ENRTP) ANNUAL ACTION PROGRAMME 2012 Part I - 01/01/2012

    Thematic programme for environment and sustainable management of natural resources, including energy (ENRTP): Action 1 - General Call for Proposals for different thematic actions in developing countries. Action 2: Supporting participation of national civil society organisations and national private sector federations/entities in FLEGT VPA -related activities. Action 3: Support to the analysis...
  8. FLEGT Action Plan, Progress Report 2003-2010 - 26/01/2011

    A comprehensive picture of activities undertaken by the EC and Member States and achievements made in 2003-2010 in curbing illegal logging and fostering good governance in timber producing countries - FLEGT