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  1. Operational Guidance for the EU’s International Cooperation on Cyber Capacity Building - 13/02/2019

    The Operational Guidance addresses the existing gap in the EU's analytical/methodological work in the area of cyber capacity building and will serve as the main reference point for the design and implementation of all future EU external cyber capacity-building actions. It provides a comprehensive practical framework for EU external actions against cybercrime and for promoting cybersecurity and...
  2. ROM Handbook- Results Oriented Monitoring - 25/10/2018

    Guidance for ROM reviews and support to end-of-project results reporting for projects and programmes financed by the European Union within the framework of its external assistance
  3. Communication and Visibility Requirements for EU External Actions - 01/01/2018

    Effective communication is an essential component of successful EU-financed cooperation projects and programmes. Partners must plan communication activities from the start of their actions.The updated 'Communication and Visibility Requirements' for implementing partners came into force on 1st January 2018, and apply to all contracts signed from that date.The Communication and Visibility...