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  1. EU support to farmers' organisations in Africa: the Farmers' Africa Programme - 13/07/2018

    The EU provides support to improve the livelihoods and food security of rural producers in Africa by helping farmers' organisations (FOs) reinforce their role in better shaping policies for agriculture and sustainable development. This is done at nat ...

    Farmers' organisations, agricultural productivity, farmers' voices, income generation

  2. KULIMA – Promoting farming in Malawi - 03/07/2018

    KULIMA stands for Kutukula Ulimi m’Malawi, meaning in the main local language, Chichewa, "promoting farming in Malawi". This programme aims to contribute to increase sustainable agricultural growth, incomes, employment and food security in Malaw ...

    farming, Environmental protection, climate change adaptation, land degradation

  3. Empowered girls complete community day secondary education in Malawi - 29/06/2018

    The project aims to increase enrolment, retention and completion rates for vulnerable girls in 10 Community Day Secondary Schools (CDSS) in Malawi by; ensuring girls' safe access to schools, increasing family and community support to girls education, ...

    education, Girls empowerment

  4. Capacity Building for Climate Mitigation in the Maritime Shipping Industry - 29/06/2018

    Global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping rely heavily on improvements in energy efficiency and increased uptake of low-carbon technologies. Better energy efficiency means less fuel is used, and that means lower emissions. Funded by ...

    climate action, maritime industry, environment, Climate change

  5. LAND Justice- Land Access Network for Development and Justice - 25/06/2018

    The overall objective of the projct is "to contribute towards the enforcement of human rights and democratic processes on land rights issues through citizens' participation and access to justice" in Zambia. The specific objective is "t ...

    Land access, Zambia, women ownership

  6. Partnership for improved nutrition in Lao PDR- Strengthening nutrition Governance for multi-sectoral response and scaling up nutrition-specific actions - 25/06/2018

    The objective of the project is to contribute to improvements in the nutritional status of children and women in Lao PDR in line with the National Nutrition Strategy 2016-2025, with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 "End hunger, achieve food secur ...

    Lao People's Democratic Republic, Action Plan on Nutrition

  7. Enhancing the capacity of Civil Society Organisations, district level staff and communities in Scaling Up Nutrition initiative in Malawi - 31/05/2018

    The overall objective of this project is to contribute towards improved nutritional status of rural households sin Malawi. It is expected to Strength the capacity of rural households and District level staff in addressing nutrition issues related to agric ...

    nutrition, Capacity

  8. KULIMA: Revitalising Agricultural Clusters and Ulimii wa Mdandanda through Farmer Field Schools in Malawi - 31/05/2018

    This project contributes to Kulima's specific objective: Promoting sustainable agricultural growth and incomes to enhance food and nutrition security in Malawi within the context of a changing climate. The project activities are mainly articulated ar ...

    agriculture and food security

  9. Information for Nutrition, Food Security and Resilience for Decision Making- INFORMED - 25/05/2018

    The INFORMED programme, through assistance from FAO, aims to build the technical and institutional capacities of national and regional institutions to guarantee regular, timely information as well as evidence-based analysis regarding the food security, nu ...

    resilience, nutrition, food crisis, early warning

  10. EU-FAO partnership to develop early warning action against food crisis and promote resilience - 08/05/2018

    The INFORMED programme, through assistance from FAO, aims to support national and regional institutions to guarantee regular, timely information as well as evidence-based analysis regarding the food security, nutrition and resilience situation (FN&S) ...

    resilience, food crisis, knowledge sharing, policies