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  1. Infopoint Privacy Statement - 12/12/2018

    This privacy statement explains the reason for the processing, the way we collect, handle and ensure protection of all personal data provided, how that information is used and what rights you may exercise in relation to your data (the right to access, rectify, block etc.).
  2. Commission Implementing Decision on the financing of the annual action programme in favour of the Asia region for 2018 part III, 2019 part I, and in favour of Central Asia for 2018 part III - 10/12/2018

  3. Fisheries and aquaculture, European development cooperation State of play 2018 - 04/12/2018

    This document gives an overview of the European development cooperation in the field of fisheries and aquaculture, which can play an essential role in fighting undernutrition as fish contributes directly to the diet of populations in developing countries. Fish is also a crucial source of revenue for populations in coastal and rural areas in developing countries.