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  1. Investing in Sustainable Development: The European Union's Contribution - 23/04/2018

    The Report 'Investing in Sustainable Development: The European Union's Contribution' assesses the progress made by the EU and its Member States in the implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda. This report provides a general view of collective efforts as well as showcases best practice examples of mobilising different sources and activating contributions from different actors to support...
  2. EUTF Colombia Projects - 17/04/2018

    EUTF Colombia Projects (see attached)Map of EUTF Colombia Projects (updated each month) 
  3. Amending Commission Implementing Decision C(2013)3543 on the 2013 Annual Action Programme (Part 1) in favour of the Republic of Yemen - 11/04/2018

    The action "Enhancing Resilience in Yemen: Strengthening the Social Safety Net", is replaced by the action "Cash for Work: Promoting livelihood opportunities for urban youth in Yemen", in order to promote livelihood opportunities for youth and to preserve and restore national cultural heritage while contributing to social cohesion and peace.
  4. Organisation Chart - 01/04/2018

    Organisation Chart | Directorate General International Cooperation and Development - DEVCO