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  1. Commision Implementing Decision adopting a Multiannual Indicative Programme for the Thematic Programme 'Global Public Goods and Challenges' for the period 2014-2020 - 21/08/2018

  2. Commission Implementing Decision of 29.10.2014 on the Annual Action Programme 2014, 2015 and 2016 for the Human Development theme of the Global Public Goods and Challenges programme - 22/10/2014

  3. Concept note on skills and vocational trainings - 21/03/2014

    Vocational Education and Training can contribute to reducing un employment and can support economic development. Nevertheless, it should become a more attractive and high-quality option, so that it provides young people with the right skills to find a suitable and decent job, and adults with an opportunity to update skills throughout their working life.
  4. SOCIEUX- Expert facility supporting social protection systems in partner countries - 09/10/2013

    SOCIEUX - Social Protection European Union Expertise in Development Cooperation - is a technical assistance facility which has been set up by the European Commission's Directorate General for Development and Cooperation (EuropeAid) in order to support the efforts of partner countries to better design and manage their social protection systems.
  5. Etude sur le développement des compétences dans l'économie informelle- 2013 - 01/02/2013

    L'analyse des expériences et projets mis en oeuvre au bénéfice du secteur informel et de leur capacité à répondre de manière appropriée aux besoins de connaissances et de compétences de celles et ceux qui travaillent permet de lister les mesures d'éducation et de formation à prendre pour dynamiser le développement social et humain des acteurs du secteur.
  6. Skills and vocational education trainings in EU development cooperation- document - 01/12/2012

    Trainings and Vocational Educataion Trainings (TVET) refer to the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the world of work to increase opportunities fro productive work, sustainable livelihoods, personal empowerment and socio-economic development for both women and men, in both urban and rural communities.
  7. Rethinking Education: Investing in skills for better socio-economic outcomes- COM(2012) 669 - 20/11/2012

    Investment in education and training for skills development is essential to boost growth and competitivness: skills determine Europe's capacity to increase productivity. In the long-term, skills can trigger innovation and growth.