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  1. The European Union and African Union- Key Partners - 22/01/2019

    Europe and Africa are each other’s closest neighbours. What happens in Africa matters in Europe, and vice versa. As equal partners with mutual interests we are working together to tackle today’s challenges from investing in youth, fostering sustainable development and strengthening peace and security to boosting investment on the African continent, good governance and better managing migration:...
  2. Boosting Revenue and Spending Efficiently- 4th African Fiscal Forum, Kampala - 22/01/2016

    Agenda of the 4th African Fiscal Forum, Kampala - Boosting Revenue and Spending EfficientlyThe 4th edition of the African Fiscal Forum was co-organised by the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission, and the Ugandan Ministry of Finances, on January 21-22 in Kampala, Uganda.