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  1. Joint strategic evaluation of budget support to Sierra Leone (2002-2015) - 20/06/2016

    This report presents results of a joint evaluation covering all Budget Support operations carried out in Sierra Leone by the EU, the UK Department for International Development (DFID), the African Development Bank and the World Bank. The evaluation was funded by DFID and managed by DEVCO's Evaluation Unit.The main objective of the evaluation was to assess how much Budget Support in...
  2. Annual Action Programme 2016 in favour of Sierra Leone - 28/04/2016

    The objectives pursued by the Annual Action Programme (AAP) to be financed under the 11th European Development Fund are to support the post Ebola recovery programme put forward by the Government of Sierra Leone. 
  3. Lunch-time conference: African experts manage European mobile laboratories- EU training that paid off during the Ebola outbreak (24/04/2015) - 24/04/2015

    Six Nigerian experts have been operating a mobile laboratory in Sierra Leone since December, testing Ebola samples. Their work is the result of longer term EU training efforts to strengthen crisis preparedness in Africa.
  4. Fighting Ebola: European Commission sends representatives to Sierra Leone and Liberia to coordinate EU support - 24/09/2014

    The European Commission is continuing its active participation in the efforts to contain the outbreak of Ebola which has already claimed 2811 lives in Guinea, Liberia, Siera Leone and Nigeria. Two high-level officials from the Commission have visited Sierra Leone (Freetown) and Liberia (Monrovia) last week to discuss the coordinated response to the epidemic and to confirm continued European...
  5. Press release- The European Union to provide € 150.2 million for regional integration in West Africa - 07/11/2013

    Press Release on the Commission Decision on the Annual Action Programme 2013 in favour of West Africa to be financed from the 10th European Development Fund: 'The European Union to provide € 150.2 million for regional integration in West Africa'