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  1. Amadou and Mathias-Comics-Awakening to Development Co-operation - 01/05/2003

    This illustrated story tells about a young African Amadou and his European friend, Mathias who in a dream discovers the Amadou's current challenges, (then metaphorically all the ACP countries'situation) and the importance of EU development cooperation .
  2. Mathias and Amadou-Teaching Manual on the European Union's Policy on Development Co-operation - 01/05/2003

    This teaching manual aims at helping parents, educators, teachers, to help children to discover the illustrated story of Mathias and Amadou, detailing a little of the reality hidden behind the 16 original storyboards.
  3. Communication from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament-Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade-Proposal for an EU Action Plan - 01/05/2003

    This document, sets out a process and a package of measures through which the European Commission proposes to address the growing problem of illegal logging and related trade.