Relations with partners

Relations with partners

The Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development draws on the expertise of a wide range of partners when delivering EU aid in order to ensure that it reaches its desired target and does so in the most effective manner.

Civil society organisations, both in Europe and in developing countries, are among EuropeAid’s most valued partners. Not only do NGOs and other non-state actors help boost the efficiency and effectiveness of aid delivery, but they also help boost citizen participation and good governance.

DG DEVCO also seeks to engage private sector actors to create jobs, provide incomes, goods and services, advance innovation, and help generate public revenues essential for economic, social and environmental welfare.

DG DEVCO works with a range of international organisations each of which has its own complementary global network and areas of expertise which can be of great benefit when delivering, managing and monitoring EU development assistance. DG DEVCO works with the United Nations, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and the World Bank, among others.

DG DEVCO also closely coordinates its activities with the national parliaments of the European Union because they play an important role in shaping and overseeing EU development policy and funding. This ensures that activities at the EU DG DEVCO works closely with other EU institutions concerned with development or international trade, as well as the Council of Ministers. It also keeps an eye on policy areas which affect or are affected by development aid.