Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Liberia Cocoa Sector Improvement Programme (LICSIP)

    Revival of cocoa as an economic sector and source of livelihood for Liberians

    The objective of this project is to create a vibrant, competitive and profitable cocoa economy driven by farmer groups/associations and private cocoa supply chain companies.
  • National Quality Infrastructure - NQI Nigeria

    Supporting entrepreneurship in Nigeria through improved standards

    This project aims to support the development of standards and quality control bodies within the framework of the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) in Nigeria.

Forty-eight sub-Saharan African countries – including Indian Ocean nations – belong to the EU's comprehensive Cotonou Agreement (2000-20). This covers different types of cooperation including: development initiatives, trade and economic exchanges and cooperation of a more political nature.

Although a member of the Cotonou Agreement, South Africa has its own strategic partnership with the EU. Poverty eradication and sustainable development are priorities. Sub-Saharan African countries are also part of the Africa-EU Strategic Partnership which is trailblazing cooperation between the two continents based on a shared vision and common principles.